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  • Photographic Prints – Alchemy with Eggs

    Photographic Prints – Alchemy with Eggs

    Part 2 of a series on photographic preservation from our Collection Team, for Part 1 see Cased Photographs. In Part 2 we look at 19th Century photographic prints, that is images created from a camera negative. Among photographic prints there are two broad categories: The drawback with Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and Tintypes is that these were…

  • In Praise of the Humble Home Movie

    In Praise of the Humble Home Movie

    From our Conservation Team Home movies present a personal expression on the events of life, not a corporate vision. They present stories without the purposeful narrative that taints feature films and documentaries. Almost without exception every home movie is unique. A single tangible record of an unrepeatable moment of everyday life that would otherwise dim…

  • Cased Photographs – Reflections on a Process

    Cased Photographs – Reflections on a Process

    From our Collection Team In the early days of photography from the 1840’s, having a portrait taken was a very special and expensive event. The resultant photographs were a unique object created in camera. To protect and show these portraits off to best advantage the photograph was presented in a beautiful small leather-bound case and…