News from 100 years ago – 14 May 1921


Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of 14 May 1921, provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society

WORK AT CANBERRA. – A large amount of solid work is being quietly carried out in the Federal Capital area, and Canberra is beginning to resemble a town, instead of an expanse of open paddocks. The railway line, already named “The City Railway,” is now being extended from the power-house to Ainslie, about 50 men being employed. It is hoped that this section will be completed in June. Surveyor Mowatt and a staff of men are at present pegging out in the city area.

HOTEL VALUES. – The Moruya Licensing Bench….. met to assess the rental values of all the local hotels. As a result, the license fees were automatically increased for the following hotels: – J. P. Hyland’s Narooma Hotel, W. Ryan’s Club House Hotel, A. Sutherland’s Tilba Tilba Hotel, L. W. Leslie’s Palace Hotel, Central Tilba.

W. Ryan’s Club House Hotel, Queen Street Moruya

VISITOR. – Nurse Winifred, the talented sister of Mr. F. Staunton, of Mullenderree, after an absence of 12 years in England, is on a visit to her friends in this district. At the outbreak of war Nurse Staunton volunteered for duty on the fields of France, but the military authorities retained her valuable service in the English Hospitals. This much travelled and experienced Nurse had a delightful trip home via America.

GERMS. – Fifteen of the senior pupils of the Bodalla Public School visited Home Farm Factory on Friday morning to attend a lecture and demonstration by Mr. Randall, bacteriologist of the Board of Health Dept. The recently installed pasteurising plant was also explained. Samples of milk taken before being pasteurised were exhibited, with millions of germs developed; the same milk after it had been treated, with the absence of germs, was also shown. The unmistakable and penetrating strong smell, to use a polite word, from some fully developed bacteria was a practical demonstration of the necessity for cleanliness on the dairy farm.

Home Farm Factory, Bodalla

DEATH. – The death of Mrs. Mary Russell, relict of the late Mr. James Russel, of Moruya, on Wednesday, at the age of 74 years, removes one of the oldest natives and best known pioneers of the district. Mrs. Russell, who was born at Mullenderree, was a daughter of the late Mr. Edward Coghlan, the well known hosteler of the “Currency Lass,” Kiora, in the good old days when the mines were booming in Araluen. After her marriage Mrs. Russell went to live at Bingie, and later on at Bergalia, but during the last few years she had resided in town. The late Mrs. Russell, who was a fine example of Catholic piety, had a cheerful and kindly disposition, and will be sadly missed by her devoted family of six sons, James, Edward, William, Thomas, Patrick and Michael, and two daughters, Mary and Ellen, all of whom, except William (who resides at Taree) were in loving attendance at her bedside.

ILLNESS. – Mr. James Lynch, of Long Vale, Mogo, was admitted to the local Hospital last week suffering from an affection (sic.) of the kidneys.

EUROBODALLA SHIRE. – General Business. The Engineer was instructed to repair the Pound yards at Moruya and the Shire Clerk was instructed to advertise that all persons allowing their stock to stray on streets or roads of the Shire are personally liable for any damage caused thereby.

The Engineer was instructed to endeavor to stop carts and other unlawful traffic from travelling along the footpaths of the township.

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc.

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