Moruya wins at cricket- thanks to the bowling of B. Coppin

Featured image : Cricketers from Moruya c.1910.


Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of 14 February 1920, provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society:

ANNUAL SHOW. Now that the annual racing three day’s Carnival, which precedes the show, is over, it is the duty of every resident of the Eurobodalla Shire to bestir him or herself with a view of making their Moruya Annual Show, which is listed for the 10th and 11thof next month, one of the most successful and interesting events ever held in the district.

Owing to the extreme severity of the dry weather, last year’s Annual Show was abandoned.  This year however, being one of the best experienced on the Far South Coast for many years past it will not be surprising to find the forthcoming Show of 1920 one of the best ever held here.  The prize schedule, copies of which have been distributed to members, is a very liberal one, and as stock of all classes will be in nice condition and production of luxuriant growth and in immense quality, all that will be required this year to attain phenomenal success will be a little ambition and perseverance on the part of the members, of whom there are 180, and the public generally.

POLICE COURT. At this court, held on Tuesday before Mr Shropshire, P.M., Albert Lynch and his baker Dave Douglas, were fined for breaches of the Industrial Awards Act.  It appears that an Inspector under this Act was in Moruya on the previous week spying out the land with the result that he returned and took proceedings as above stated.  The bakers and other business persons of country districts, such as Moruya, work under a system of give-and-take, making the hours suit their particular work, and it does appear hard that they should be hunted up and fined under an award which is only applicable in the city and should never have been extended to the little country towns, in its entirety.  If the Necessary Commodities Act was applied to Moruya there would be more justification for it.

Architect’s drawing of the Moruya Court House 1878

WATTLE BARK. Farmers’ and Graziers’ Co-op. Co. Report:

– As a result of the light supply, which is proving totally inadequate to trade requirements, prices have taken a further upward turn, and we are obtaining £14 10s for consignments of chopped showing reasonable substance.
– Possibly the heavy decline in the values of rabbit skins may cause more available labor for bark stripping.  With the season so far advanced it behoves owners to resume stripping without delay.
– Prospects favour a continuance of the demand, with possibly a further inflation of prices.
– We quote: Best chopped to £14 10s; good light £13 to £14; Hickory £6.

CRICKET. A cricket match was played on the Park on Saturday last between teams representing Moruya and The Heads, and resulted in a win for Moruya team. Scores:-

MORUYA – 1st Innings

Carter c. E. Davis                                       13
F. Knight b. Davis                                        5
C. Selden c. T. Davis                                  42
F. Flanagan c. T. Davis                                14
B. Coppin b. Parsons                                   2
J. Twyford c. Rose b. H. Duran                   8
? Richardson c. Davis b. H. Duran             0
C. Copping h.o.w. b. H, Duran                   10
? Latham not out                                          6
? Jones b. T. Davis                                         2
Byes                                                                 2
Total                                                            104

THE HEADS – 1st Innings

Duran b. F. Knight                                        2
Oskins c. P. Davis b. Coppin                        0
Parsons b. F. Knight                                     17
Davis c. Flanagan b. Coppin                       15
Parsons c. Flanagan                                      0
Oskins c. Twyford                                         7
Rose b. B. Coppin                                          0
Stewart c. Jones b. Knight                           2
Duran b. B. Coppin                                       4
Davis not out                                                 0
Stewart b. B. Coppin                                    0
Total                                                              49

(Note: Spelling of names are as they appear in the paper)

OFF TO IRELAND.  Our highly esteemed and popular Priest, Father McCormack, is off to the Old Sod for a twelve months’ holiday to once more feast his eyes on the Lakes of Killarney.  It is 15 years since the Rev. gentleman had a holiday, so he is not out of his turn.

POLITICAL. The people of Moruya should make a special point of hearing the Minister for Education Mr. James, speak at the Mechanic’s Hall on Friday night next.  The Minister’s progressive ideas on the subject of education are well known, and he is also said to be a speaker of ability above the average.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 6.45.45 pmTwenty one 100 years ago booklets containing articles for the years 1899 to 1919 are available ($6 to $8ea) from the Museum.  Back copies of local newspapers can be viewed on microfilm at the Society’s Family History Research Library (Ph 4474 3224) situated at the rear of the Museum in Campbell St. Moruya.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 6.45.45 pmThe Moruya Museum houses a collection of furniture, books, artefacts and memorabilia that is intended to show visitors something of the lives of the ordinary people of this community from the middle of the nineteenth century. Most items on display were donated by local families. 

To explore the museum’s online collection click HERE.

Click to read a copy of the current museum brochure.


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