Mrs Heffernan’s Bazaar, Mr Mackay’s Plans For a Batemans Bay Race Club and Election Results – Some of the news from 3 January 1920


Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of 3 January 1920, provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society:

TENDERS for purchase of E.L. Arnett’s “Cooboora” farm close on 20th Inst.

LAND SALE. – Keating and Lynch report a very successful sale on Saturday last. On account of Mr John Mitchell they disposed for five acres of land at Mullenderree, the purchasers being Messrs. P. Ryan and J. Skehan at £75 per acre. Twenty light and draught horses from Goulburn were also sold up to £30. A pretty pair of ponies were purchased by a local resident for £30.

CONCERT. – The Concert in aid of Mrs. Heffernan’s Bazaar Stall was held in the Mechanics’ on Boxing night when the delightful little program of musical items arranged was listened to with appreciation.  Mrs. S. Ryan, Misses Behringer, Rankin, Crapp, and Messrs. E. Corbett and P. Carden rendered pleasing items, whilst two members of the crew of the steamer Banandrah fairly brought down the house with their songs and originalities.  Mr. R. B. Heffernan ably officiated as Chairman, and Miss E. Keating and Mrs McDonald graciously accompanied the singers.  The promoters were put to a great deal of inconvenience and delay through some oversight on the part of the Hall Committee in not having gas made for lighting the building, even the key of the gas room was not to be found, and willing hands had to procure carbide from town and then climb over the enclosure to make the gas.  In consequence it was nearly nine o’clock before the concert commenced.  At the conclusion of the entertainment the Hall was cleared and a few hours spent in tripping the light fantastic.

EDEN-MONARO SEAT. – The complete election figures for Eden Monaro are: Chapman (Nat.) 10,248; Brown (Lab.) 9766; majority for Chapman 428. Voters on roll 29,175; therefore 9,161 persons in this electorate failed to record their vote. – R.H. Harvison, Moruya.

BATEMAN’S BAY (From our Correspondent).  Following upon a wet Xmas Boxing Day dawned with glorious sunshine.  The sun peeping from the ocean in brilliant splendour, was shortly followed by a refreshing north-east breeze, harmonising with the rich verdant surroundings which everywhere met the eye. True lovers of sport in the surrounding neighbourhood came forth in numbers to the local park, where a day’s sport was advertised to take place.  A start was made about 1.30 and a pleasant afternoon spent, a feature of the programme being the fine jumping in the hunting contest in which 15 horses participated.  The concluding item on the program was a sack race, which caused much amusement, and might correctly be termed the end of a perfect day. In the evening a well attended Ball was held in the Bay View Hall, everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves, dancing to the strains of first class music supplied by Mr. J. Latty, violin and Sylvie Connell, piano.

BATEMAN’S BAY RACE CLUB.  To the Editor” Moruya Examiner” Dear Sir, – Most sane citizens will agree that a live Race Club is a large factor in the progress of a town.  In small districts such a Club benefits everyone – hotels, stores, boarding houses etc., down to the old lady who has a few eggs or chicks for sale.  Contemplate Melbourne or Caufield without their “Cup”. Even Bega and Moruya Cups are talked of for months, and are the attraction of the year.

Bateman’s Bay is endeavouring to launch a live club, and a number of our progressive citizens have come forward with solid financial aid.  Messrs. Bill, Fenning, Guy, Ryan, F. Ladmore and others have all acted most generously, and there are more to come.  We have a site and sea view second to none, with a natural grandstand hill superior to Melbourne.  The course under foot for training is excelling, and thanks to energetic members who have given their supervision and time gratis, we have the track graded and laid down at an absurdly low cost.  This money has circulated in the district and given employment.

But alas! We have the “stinking fish” talent amougst us ie. a few who will do nothing for the public good themselves, but by winks  sneers and lies slander those who are trying to act as citizens and push our town.  Personally I would treat the “stinking fish” with contemptuous silence, but I find our young Club is being injured.  A report is circulated that I personally want to make profit out of the Club.

I say the course is already well cleared and burnt off, further, I am giving the use of course rent and tax free, and suffering the inconvenience and loss which must necessarily follow opening my land to training and racing. People who know me will smile – as I do – at such accusations, and I only write to let strangers know the truth.  This Mr. Editor, must be my apology for trespassing on your space.  Yours truly, D. Forbes Mackay.

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Twenty one 100 years ago booklets containing articles for the years 1899 to 1919 are available ($6 to $8ea) from the Museum.  Back copies of local newspapers can be viewed on microfilm at the Society’s Family History Research Library (Ph 4474 3224) situated at the rear of the Museum in Campbell St. Moruya.

If you would like to read the oldest surviving issue of the Moruya Examiner then you will find it at MoruyaExaminer_2_March_1866.pdf

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The Moruya Museum houses a collection of furniture, books, artefacts and memorabilia that is intended to show visitors something of the lives of the ordinary people of this community from the middle of the nineteenth century. Most items on display were donated by local families. 

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