100 Years Ago – 19 May 1923

As permission has been granted by the Defence Department to have the Moruya Rifle Range re-instated as a branch of the Bergalia Club, the matter now rests with the Moruya riflemen if they are willing to manage it as such. …

Mr. W. Lipscombe, Potato Point, who recently met with a serious accident in the bush, is, we are pleased to say, progressing favorably.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Weatherby have moved into their pretty new cottage which they have had erected on their property in Church Street. In its coat of soft shaded stone paint the new building at once attracts attention and contrasts effectively with the surrounding cottages of red and grey.

The friends of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Mylott will be pleased to learn, that, although at times alarmingly ill since our last issue, their little daughter Mollie, who was operated on for appendicitis by Dr. Cutler, is now practically out of danger.

Mr. Bradfield, (designer of North Shore’s new bridge) and a representative of a big English firm of contractors (who intend tendering for the construction of the bridge) are expected to arrive in Moruya to-day (Saturday.) We understand their mission is to inspect the granite quarry here, from which the designer stipulates the stone is to be obtained for the erection of the bridge.

A Granite Quarry

On Wednesday, when on his trip from Bodalla to Moruya, Mr. M. Stormon had a slight accident with his heavily laden wagon and team of horses. As the Moruya-Bega mail car passed him, Mr. Stormon’s saddle horse shied, and jumping amongst the team caused the other horses to swerve suddenly, and overturn the waggon. A gang of road men working close by quickly went to Mr. Stormon’s assistance, released the horses, unloaded and righted the waggon, and the driver proceeded on his journey without having the slightest damage done.

Court Day at Moruya. LICENSING COURT. Transfer of Narooma Billiard license was granted from W. T. Coles to John P. Hyland; Plan of additions and improvements to Mr. W. P. Bill’s Bay View Hotel, was approved, and Mr. Bill was complimented upon his enterprise and capability as an hotelkeeper.

SMALL DEBTS COURT. Wilson v. Donnelly – Claim for inspecting, buying and droving cattle at £1 per day. Verdict for plaintiff; Chewying v. W. Ryan – sale of goods – defence was payment by cheque. Verdict for defendant; The Moruya “Examiner” v. Denis Coman for long standing debt. In this case the Bench had no jurisdiction.

POLICE COURT. For assault near McKeon’s Hotel, a defendant was fined £2 and costs; In a case of stealing a defendant was fined £2 and costs.

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc.

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