100 years Ago – 5 May 1923

Mr. Byrne has taken over Greenway Farm, at Bodalla, vacated by Mr. Marsden.

A meeting of the Moruya Football Club took place on Friday night last. Present: – Messrs. O. J. Armstrong (chair), J. Nicholson, G. Roger, W. Armstrong, J. Bennett, F. Macintosh, P. J. Feneley, D. de Saxe and C. Carter. It was decided to re-form the Moruya Football Club. The membership was fixed at 15/-, the club to supply guernseys and socks. …

The motor traffic in Sydney will soon be one of the greatest difficulties of the Sydney traffic problems. The weekly average of licenses for new cars is nearly 250, and there are signs of increases in this direction.

The Criterion Hotel Photo: MDHS collection

The sporting fraternity will be pleased to hear that Mr. J. Turnbull will again take over the Criterion Hotel, Mullenderree, and will no doubt shortly have another string of horses in preparation for the coming racing season.

On Tuesday morning about 8 o’clock the three-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Holmes, of Mogo, who for a few days had suffered from tonsilitis and for a few hours from croup, passed away. The funeral was held at Mogo on Wednesday 2nd, when, in the presence of a large and sympathetic gathering, the remains were interred.

What might have proved a very serious accident happened a few days ago at one of the mining shows at Dwyer’s Creek. The wire rope broke at, or near, the hook, just as a heavy bucket hit some portion of the shaft and overturned, thus throwing out the contents. Some of the pieces struck the man below, causing injuries that laid him off duty for eight or nine days. If the bucket had not overturned, and hit the man when it was full of stone, something more serious might have happened.

St. Michael’s Church, Stanmore, was the scene of a wedding on Saturday, 28th ult., when Michael, third surviving son of Mrs. W. Ryan, of Mynora, Moruya, was married to Miss Agnes Walsh, of Stanmore, and niece of the late Father Garvey, of Moruya. … On arrival in Moruya, the future home of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan, a cordial welcome was given the happy pair at Mr. and Mrs. P. Mylott’s, where a sumptuous spread and a large number of well-wishers were in waiting.

After being nearly three weeks without a steamer into our port, owing to the bad state of the bar, the Benandrah arrived on Wednesday with the largest cargo ever landed here.

Advertisement. REWARD – Lost some months ago at Moruya, one Key of a safe. Substantial Reward on returning it to: OFFICER IN CHARGE OF POLICE, Moruya.

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc. If you are interested in history why not join us and become a volunteer at the Museum or our library. Check us out at https://www.mdhs.org.au

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