Persia Campbell – a long way from Nerrigundah

Professor Emelita Persia Campbell was born at Nerrigundah on 15th March 1898. From this simple beginning she rose to very top of her profession as an academic and economist in the USA. In 1962 she was appointed by President Kennedy to the Presidents Council of Economic advisers; and was re-appointed to that body by President Johnson.

President John F. Kennedy with members of the consumer advisory council, 1962. front, right: Dr Persia Campbell. photograph by Abbie Rowe. White House photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

Campbell’s early work focused on the abuse of indentured labour regulations, and the exploitation of Chinese immigrant workers. She went on to make significant contributions in a number of important areas of human rights – women’s rights, consumer affairs and worker’s rights.

More about Persia Campbell

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