100 Years Ago – 13 January 1923

MESSRS. R. W. Thatcher and Sons have just completed a fine residence at Central Tilba for S. W. Bate. It is one of the show places on the Coast, and is lit up with the Gloria light.

AT 11am on Wednesday there passed peacefully from this world of joy and sorrow Miss Susan McLean, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Archibald McLean, of Newstead. Deceased who was 68 years of age, died at “Bonnie Doon,” the residence of her sister, Mrs. M. Rose, by whom she had been devotedly nursed during an illness of many months duration. … She is survived by one brother, Mr. Allen McLean (Sydney), six sisters, Mesdames M. Rose (Moruya), Caskie (South Africa), Johnson (Newcastle), Misses Bella (South Africa), Agnes (W. Aus), and Janet (Lansdown), Miss Annie McLean having pre-deceased her only a few months ago in America. …

A GOOD fall of rain is needed throughout this district, as the extremely hot weather and drying westerlies of the past month have had a serious effect on the crops and herbage. The fire fiend has wrought havoc in many parts and has left devastation in its trail. From numerous centres in the state good falls of rain has been reported, but Moruya’s good cheer is still to come.

Elizabeth Malabar’s grave on Broulee Island

A PARTY of campers report having had a delightful period of eight days on Broulee Island. Though the spot is difficult of access visitors are well repaid for the tedious journey. [There is] …a wind-sheltered spot for tents, clean and sandless, a supply of deliciously cool spring water, and firewood in abundance. The scene overlooking the bay on a moonlight night, with the red glare of the bush-fire on the farther shore, the silver beams on the water, and the white fringe of surf is a feast for the eyes of a nature-lover. [In the old cemetery] …remains but one gravestone, and that broken.  The almost effaced lettering reads: “To the memory of Elizabeth Malabar, wife of Abraham Malabar, who died 1842.” Some traces of the abandoned hamlet still remain, here a heap of bricks, there a half visible fence, and for the rest enormous hills of sand which has completely smothered the group of cottages that once faced the bay. …

ON Wednesday the only son of Mr. and Mrs. George Patrech, of Bateman’s Bay, was admitted to the local Hospital suffering from diptheria in a very severe form. Despite Dr. Cutler’s special attention and treatment when his services were called upon and Matron Constable’s kind nursing, the little sufferer passed away yesterday morning at the age of 1 year and 11 months.

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc. https://www.mdhs.org.au

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