The Rectory & The Postmaster’s House – New Releases from MDHS

Two new publications from Shirley Jurmann reveal the secrets of 2 very important buildings in the life of Moruya – the Postmaster’s House and the Rectory. Both are told in the first person by the house. All enquiries to

The Postmaster’s House

This booklet starts by covering the postal services in Moruya from their beginnings. It then follows the story of the new Postmaster’s house. Images of the original plans are featured along with details on the Postmasters and their families. Today the building is used as a B & B. A5, 53 pages, Illus.

The Rectory

This is the story of the building of the Rectory in 1870 and the ministers who occupied the building. The first minister James Graham Love commenced in 1871. Some stayed only a short time before moving onto a new parish. Others like George Edward Wheeler remained in the parish for 15 years. A5, 40 pages., illus.

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