Hands-on History – Moruya Library 3-11 Sept

History week is coming next week! To mark the event, the MDHS is partnering with the Moruya Library on 2 key events which showcasing this years theme of Hands-on History. Don’t miss this chance to learn about this fascinating era, and the conditions in the area during the 1830s and 40s.

Convicts of the Moruya Region Seminar

Moruya Library: Thu 8 Sep, 11am – noon
Members of the MDHS Research Team will lead a discussion  about convicts who came to the local area. Material will be drawn from the new MDHS publication ASSIGNED, which sheds a light on the convict labour force who worked with their hands to clear the land, build fences and create prosperity.

Photographic exhibition

Moruya Library: Sat 3 Sep – Sun 11 Sep
This exhibition showcases people from the Moruya area who worked with their hands. From blacksmiths to dairy farmers, boat builders to convicts, these people worked hard for the good of their families and the region.

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