News from 100 years ago – 25 February 1922

25 February 1922

NEW BANK NOTES. – New Commonwealth Bank notes, of an altered design will make their appearance within the next six weeks. The color scheme is being altered and the King’s head will appear on the notes, which will be uniform in size and be a little longer and narrower than now.

ANNUAL SHOW. – Jupiter Pluvius wept copiously on the opening day of the 47th Annual Show of the Moruya A. and P. Society … which no doubt, was the cause of so few people attending. However, perfect weather conditions prevailed on the second day, in consequence of which the number attending was trebled. On the first day the gate takings amounted to £11 15s and on the second over £35. … The terrific hailstorm a few weeks ago which effected such havoc in the farms, gardens and orchards accounted for the small display of farm produce, vegetables and fruit. The ring events were fairly well contested, the hunting and flag races attracting the largest number.  

The following are the names of the prizetakers:-

HORSES. Mare dry, 3yrs and over – T Kennelly 1, A Louttit 2; Colt, gelding or filly, under 3yrs – J R Milne 1, A Louttit 2; 11 Stone Hackney, H McIntosh’s special – P Mylott 1; Lady and Gent Riders – S Turnbull and Miss May Milne 1, N C Tarlinton and Mrs Parkins 2; Time Handicap Trot – Ken Rose 1, E Beringer 2.

Moruya Show, 1928

SHORTHORNS FOR MILKING PURPOSES. Bull 3yrs and over – A F Emmott 1, J R Milne 2; Cow 3yrs and over – T Heffernan 1, R Heffernan 2; Heifer 2yrs and under 3 – R. Heffernan 1, A F Emmott 2; Champion female beast – T Heffernan. JERSEYS. Champion male beast – H P Jeffery, Champion female beast – M McKeon.

DOGS. Greyhound dog or slut – D Irwin 1, W Flynn 2; Pointer dog or slut – H P Jeffrey 1; Fox Terrier dog or slut – W Coppin 1, J Stewart 2; Retriever dog or slut – Mrs T Turner 1, D Foreman 2.

FLOWERS. Judges: Mr. H J Bate and Mrs. John Bate (Tilba Tilba), and Mrs. Lewin (Bodalla). Single rose – Mrs T Flood 1; Three roses – Miss M Boot 1, Mrs E Hawdon 2; Six cactus dahlias – Mrs J Taylor 1, Mrs J R Milne 2; Collection of dahlias – Mrs J Grumley 1, Mrs A Russel 2; Collection of verbenas – Mrs A Louttit 1, Mrs L T Jenner 2; Six pansies – Mrs J W McIntosh 1, Mrs G Luck 2.

FINE ARTS. Judges: Rev. G. A. Sanders and Mr. W Jermyn. Landscape, oils – Miss L Bayliss 1, Mrs P J Gannon 2; Flowers, oils – Miss L Bayliss 1, Miss B Staunton 2; Human figure, pencil – Mr Leo Needham 1, Miss L Bayliss 2; Copy book, boy under 12 years, double lines, district schools – Master Garnet Chewying 1, Master Jack Ryan 2; Copy book, girl under 12 years – Miss Maudie Ryan 1, Miss Monica McKeon 2.

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