Museum wins IMAGinE 2021 award

We are proud to announce that the Museum has just received an IMAGinE award for its online exhibition “ILLUMINATED: The Art of Children’s Book Illustration”.

The annual IMAGinE awards are run by Museums and Galleries NSW and reward innovation and creativity in museums, galleries and cultural centres. ILLUMINATED received a Highly Commended award in the small museums category.

It is particularly pleasing to receive an award for our online exhibition ILLUMINATED. We have focused on building our online presence as a way of reaching new audiences, and extending the life of our wonderful exhibitions developed by the Collections Team. As a small museum, we usually have only 1 featured exhibition at a time in addition to our permanent displays, but online delivery can provide a lasting resource for all to enjoy.

The Museum will re-open on 15th December with an exciting new exhibition – watch this space for more details.

Highlights of ILLUMINATED

2 responses to “Museum wins IMAGinE 2021 award”

  1. peter freeman Avatar
    peter freeman

    CONGRATULATIONS! It certainly deserved the award!

  2. John Dixon Avatar
    John Dixon

    Congratulations on winning the award.
    Well done. 👍🥂

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