News from 100 years ago – 29 October 1921

Featured Image: Pollock’s Store and Post Office, Nerrigundah. MDHS collection


Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of  29 October 1921 provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society

RETURNED. – Our proprietor, Mr. R. H. Harvison, after five months’ absence in the metropolis, returned home on Wednesday, looking remarkably well after his recent severe bout of bronchitis and whooping cough.

OLD LINEN WANTED. – Our local Hospital is urgently in need of old linen, and we have been asked by the Secretary, Mr. A. M. Wilson, to appeal to the charitable ladies of the district to send to the institution all the spare white linen they have.

BUSINESS CLOSED. – Owing to the slump in the timber industry, which has caused depression in trade at Bateman’s Bay, Dunne Bros. have been forced to close their blacksmith and wheelwright business there for a while.

FENCING SCHOOL SITE. – One of the last acts of the late Capt. Millard on behalf of his constituents in this district was his representations to have a fence erected around the Dwyer’s Creek public school site. He succeeded so far as to get the Department’s promise to supply the necessary wire and gates provided the local residents supply the posts and carry out the work. Mr. A. J. Harper, one of the petitioners, informs us that they are willing to erect the fence on these conditions.

EARLY CLOSING. – As will be seen by our business columns, general stores here will from Tuesday next close at 5 p.m. every day except Wednesdays [12am] and Saturdays [8pm], owing to the 44-hour week being applied to the storekeeping business.

NERRIGUNDAH. – (From our Correspondent) After a long silence I venture to submit a few lines about the “Old Gulph.” The old field never was so low as it has been of late…. The eucalyptus industry created employment for many workers, but of late that has failed, and although Nerrigundah oil is of the finest quality there is no sale for it. Several who were working in the oil business have now turned their attention to prospecting, with the result that Wilson and Hattley are on a new “show” about four miles out in the region of Belimbla.                                  Since the closing of the hotel Nerrigundah has been sadly in need of a place of accommodation for travellers. This want has been filled most satisfactorily by the opening of a first-class accommodation house opposite the post office in the house formerly held by the late Mrs. O’Keefe…

Pollock’s Store and Post Office, Nerrigundah

BATEMAN’S BAY. – The district is shortly to receive a visit from Mr. Harper, the Government Geologist, to report on certain deposits which our observant and progressive friend, Mr. Greatrex, has placed under his notice. For years past fossickers and prospectors have been searching for the origin of the alluvial gold of which abundant visual evidence is found. It is proposed to locate the ancient bed of the Clyde River and to examine what early earth history in the carboniferous and devonian periods has placed here right at our very door……

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc.

The Moruya Museum houses a collection of furniture, books, artefacts and memorabilia that is intended to show visitors something of the lives of the ordinary people of this community from the middle of the nineteenth century. Most items on display were donated by local families. 

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