News from 100 years ago – 6 August 1919

Featured Image: The former Eurobodalla Shire Chambers, Campbell St Moruya.


Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of 6 August 1921 provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society

NINE consecutive days of cold bleak winds.

SNOW visible on western hills on Wednesday.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. –  Matron Constable, who has been granted two months’ leave of absence, left on Thursday to enjoy her well earned rest. Relieving Matron Grundy, who nursed Mr. Ollie Harrison’s little son through an attack of diptheria a few years ago, has arrived to take up her duties at the Hospital.

FOOTBALL. – The football match which took place on Saturday afternoon between Braidwood and Bateman’s Bay, on the former’s ground, was commenced in a snow storm, and the ground resembled a “slippery dip” more than a football field, thus putting a stop to anything approaching scientific play. The ball soon became saturated with water and the players clothes with mud, but like mud larks, the players of both sides fairly revelled it the mire to the spoiling of the nice new white pants of the local team. The game was hard from the beginning, as, owing to the nature of the ground, a player when tackled would come a harder thud than a tackler could have managed on a solid dry ground. Braidwood won by 14 to 3.

A. & P. SOCIETY –  A committee meeting of the A. & P. Society held on Wednesday, was attended by Messrs. D. Hutchinson (chair), A. Louttit, R. J. Anderson, W. S. Nelson, H. W. Luck, R. B. Heffernan, J. E. Lavis, L. D. Collett, P. J. Mylott, T. Flood and R. L. Dawson…..

THE TRUE CIVIC SPIRIT. – The following is an extract from Shire Engineer Dawson’s report of 3rd August, submitted to the Eurobodalla Shire Council, regarding road improvement works recently carried out on road Central Tilba towards the cemetery, and to Sherringham and Wallaga Lake: –  “A start was made early in July, and I visited the roads on the 19th and found that about 30 chains or more had been ploughed and re-formed, a good, deep, roomy water-table cut, and also a stretch of nearly 20 chains of gravel put out. There were three single horse drays and four men (all free laborers) at work, and two men paid by the Shire, one spreading the gravel and one in the pit. It has cost Council £44 4s 8d to end of July, and there were still a few more days required to make a good finish. Until next month’s report I cannot give full particulars, but it is safe to say that the value of the work is fully three times the amount paid by the Shire. This a splendid instance of the proper civic spirit, and most creditable to those who have turned to and helped the Shire at a bad time, when, though the Shire officials knew full well that the repairs were urgently needed, it would have been impossible through lack of funds to carry them out without the help so willingly given.”

The residents who gave help were approached and organized by Councillor H. J. Bate, and the response to his appeal was prompt and willing. To their credit be it said this is not the first and only instance of self help on the part of the landholders and others in the Eurobodalla Shire though never previously on quite so extensive and costly a scale.

The Eurobodalla Shire Chambers, Campbell St Moruya. MDHS collection.

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc.

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