Remembrance Room

Permanent Display: Musuem Upper Level

This display tells stories of those locals who lived and died in the great global conflicts of the late 19th and early 20th centuries , and the families they left behind. A fascinating array of war-time objects are featured, from small personal items – like a cake tin, a darned sock, a pocket knife and an Anzac memorial teatowel – to more obvious  military memorabilia such as uniforms, medals and a model of the Burrewarra Point WW2 radar station. 

Word Wars 1 and 2 had far-reaching impacts – on those who lost their lives in these tragic wars, but more broadly by precipitating enormous social and technological change, some of which is captured in the display.

But the Second World War also came close to home. In August 1942 the fishing trawler Dureenbee was attacked and badly damaged by a Japanese submarine offshore from the Moruya Heads. Three of the trawler’s crew were killed, and the ship was subsequently damaged beyond repair after running aground. 

Earlier in 1942, a RAAF airbase and several bunkers had been established at the Moruya racecourse, to keep an eye on the increasing submarine activity off the coast. At Burrewarra Point near Guerilla Bay, a radar station was built. At night the town was in blackout, but the Air Raid Bar provided a welcome break for the airmen.

The Society also has a collection of documents, photographs and personal accounts dating from those times.  Local families have donated these objects to the Museum so that their memories of their relatives could be preserved for future generations.

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2 responses to “Remembrance Room”

  1. Cassandra Jordan Avatar
    Cassandra Jordan

    A wonderful collection! Will call in next trip

    1. mdhs Avatar

      Thank you – all visitors are welcome!

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