News from 100 years ago – 28 May 1921

Featured image: Empire Day at Bergalia PS, 1914. MDHS Collection


Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of 28 May 1921, provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society

EMPIRE DAY. – Empire Day was celebrated with demonstrations of loyalty in the various Public Schools of the district. A large picnic gathering was noticed near the Bergalia Factory where Mr. Shumack, parents and children had met to rejoice on the Day. Kiora was all there with its usual happy function. At the local school the teachers, scholars and a few citizens gathered in the big schoolroom, which was beautified by a display of Union Jacks, attended by the Australian Flag………Mr. Egan, the head master, in a few happy remarks, desired a greater evidence of loyalty. The meeting closed with the National Anthem.

CATTLE SALE. – On Monday next Auctioneer J. Sebbens will offer for sale at Bateman’s Bay a good line of fat bullocks, as well as fat cows, store bullocks and light horses.

CHANGE OF FARMS. – Mr. A. F. Emmott has taken over possession of the farm recently purchased from Mr. Martin McMahon at Mullenderee, and last weekend Mr. Tom Heffernan, who has been placed in charge, took up his residency there. The former lessee of the farm, Mrs. J. Heffernan, has gone to live on her newly-acquired property at Dooga.

MORUYA HOSPITAL. – Matron Constable has had an exceptionally busy time at the hospital just now with five patients, four men and one girl. The committee is considering the matter of building two additional wards. It is hoped the project will be carried through, as the present hospital accommodation is totally inadequate for the size of the district.

WAR TROPHY. – The State trophy committee has granted one machine gun to Bergalia. We should soon hear of its erection. Turlinjah also has a machine gun.

DEATH. – On Monday Mr. S. Harkus received the very sad news that his sister, Mrs. Thomas Glover Brown had died in Sydney at the age of 56. The late Mrs. Brown will be remembered here as Euroma, the third daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Harkus, the highly respected host and hostess of the Criterion Hotel, Mullenderee. During her residence here she married Mr. T. G. Brown, who practiced his profession as Solicitor in Vulcan street. A few years later they removed to Sydney and for the past 20 years have resided at 15 Belmore street, Enmore…. Mrs. Brown never recovered from the shock she received on learning the news that her elder son Eric had died of wounds received at the landing of Gallipoli.

SUDDEN DEATH. – Her relations and friends in Moruya were stunned on Wednesday evening when the sad news was received that Mrs. Lamont had died suddenly from heart failure. It was only a fortnight to the day, apparently in the best of health and strength, that Mrs. Lamont said good-bye to her aged mother, sister and brother after relinquishing a business of 40 years standing…. Mrs. Lamont was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. Peter Williams, of “Vivian Cottage,” Campbell street. Her husband, Mr. James Lamont predeceased her five years ago.

PERSONAL. – Miss Hilda Higgins, the clever daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Higgins of Sea View, Bateman’s Bay, and who on many occasions delighted Moruya audiences with her charming violin solos, has taken up duties at St. Mary’s Convent, Moruya, as a junior teacher of the violin and piano.

BODALLA. – Mrs. P. McGrath, wife of Mr. P. McGrath, of Comerang, died suddenly on Saturday morning from heart failure. The funeral, which was largely attended, took place on Sunday afternoon at Bodalla.

The Moruya Museum houses a collection of furniture, books, artefacts and memorabilia that is intended to show visitors something of the lives of the ordinary people of this community from the middle of the nineteenth century. Most items on display were donated by local families. 

To explore the museum’s online collection click HERE.

Explore the virtual exhibition ILLUMINATE: The Art of Children’s Book Illustration


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