Rev. Hyde preaches against ‘the spiritual shallowness of the age’ and other news from 16 October 1920

Featured image: Bullock team in Vulcan Street Moruya.


Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of 16 October 1920, provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society

COUNCIL NOTICE.– The Eurobodalla Shire Council notified in our business columns that teamsters and others must refrain from drawing excessive loads upon any roads within the Shire area or driving vehicles along gutters, drains and water tables. Upon conviction the offender is liable to a penalty of £20.

WALTZING AND PRAYING.– Preaching on Sunday last upon the text, “Launch out into the deep,” Rev. Hyde delivered himself of a few observations upon dancing. He said: ‘The dancing craze had developed into an epidemic, and a recent issue of the “Examiner” contained in a single column not less than six advertisements for balls and dances to be held.

It was a pitiable commentary upon the spiritual shallowness of the age, and, apart from the question of the right or wrong of it, there could be no doubt that the ballroom played no part in the deepening of the spiritual experience.  The man or woman who knew most about waltzing would not be likely to know much about praying.

The Scriptures had no explicit condemnation of dancing, but it was condemned by the law of expediency in the spiritual realm. In the ultimate, it frankly doesn’t pay, and the Church that encourages it will surely find that it harbors within its bosom a viper that will one day do its deadly work.’

He was aware that these observations would evoke the cry “Narrow” but they could well afford to ignore the voice, for it was the same reason instrument that cried “Narrow” when the bar-room and the   racecourse were condemned, and in short, when any condemnation was uttered that cut across the pathway of carnality and worldliness.

Rev. Hyde led the Moruya Methodist Church – now known as the Uniting Church

PLEASURE.—Pleasure is the oil of life—adversity is the brake on the wheel of our nature—without this brake the whole machine of the human being would run to its own destruction—without the oil the friction would be too severe.

THE LAW IS.—The following is published by request of Police for information of travellers and their guidance.  After reasonable time elapses prosecution will follow. “No person shall ride or propel a machine when crossing the intersection of any road in any village or town or when turning the corner of any such public road at a speed greater than 4 miles per hour”; “No person shall drive a vehicle of any kind between the hours of sunset and sunrise without displaying a light on the driving side of such vehicle visible to persons either following or meeting such vehicle. Penalty not exceeding £20.”

TENDERS are invited and will be received up to the 4th November for the erection of BANKING PREMISES and RESIDENCE at BATEMAN’S BAY. Plans and specifications may be seen and tenders received at the Bateman’s Bay, Braidwood or Goulburn branches of The Australian Bank of Commerce, Ltd.

TO LEASE BY TENDER. TENDERS are hereby invited, and will be received up to Noon on TUESDAY, the 2nd November, 1920, from persons desirous of obtaining a lease of the Paddock at Gundary, being part of Reserve No. 29337, fronting Shore and Lagoon Streets, containing about 1½ acres, for a term of 1, 3, or 5 years. The highest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. By order of the Council. W. JERMYN, Shire Clerk

OYSTER LEASES. TUROSS LAKE. Lease no. 11023; Archibald Cyril Barclay; Parish of Congo; County of Dampier; 250 yards. On the northern shore, adjoining the north-eastern end of S. Fitzpatrick’s oyster lease No. 9824. 10 years. MORUYA RIVER Lease No. 11022; Archibald Cyril Barclay; Parish of Moruya; County of Dampier; about 1 acre.  In the waters south west of Quandolo Island, adjacent to the training wall. 10 years.

COMMENT. -“Large bodies move slow” is a saying that is not universally true.  The bigger the lie, the faster it travels.

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