Have you become a keen jigsaw puzzler during your social isolation?

Our featured image is a mess of jigsaw pieces that need to be put back together to create the image below. If you are interested in completing this jigsaw and others like it – all online – our librarian, Wendy Simes, has found the link for you.

One of the real benefits of these online jigsaws is that pieces can’t be lost – a huge plus for jigsaw fanatics.

Please find Wendy’s message and the link to the jigsaws underneath this completed puzzle of the W.W. Arnett Saddle and Harness Maker building in Queen St, Moruya.

Happy puzzling!

Screenshot 2020-04-16 12.03.59

Below is a link to some online jigsaw puzzles I have created from our photo collection to keep you amused in these days of lock down. More photos will be added to the list regularly.  I hope you enjoy them.

Wendy Simes, Librarian

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