Corsets, Camisoles and Combinations – Moruya Undressed

Come along to the Moruya Museum this Friday evening for the official opening of our exhibition  MORUYA UNDRESSED.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 12.42.16 pm

See our extensive collection of camisoles, combinations (some crotchless) and corsets. If every picture tells a thousand stories, then these undergarments tell many times that number. Garments such as the maternity corset shown below seem like instruments of torture.

A maternity corset – worn daily. MDHS Collection

By looking at a sequence of underwear, you can almost tell the life journey of one of Moruya’s residents. From Leila Campbell’s lacy camisoles and an embroidered black silk kimono – garments which were probably in her hope chest -through to the much, much larger mauve cotton combinations she wore later in life. Also on display will be a nightshirt that belonged to Leila’s husband Frank Campbell.

You will probably wonder, as the collections team did, how on earth women had such large families in earlier days when wearing such voluminous underwear.

A camisole c 1900. MDHS Collection

These collections team members – Jenny Gerrey, Maureen Keating, Tonique Bolt, Annie Fitzgerald and Jesse Rowan are doing a great job putting this significant exhibition together! Make sure that you put this event into your diary and look out for further details on our website, blog and Facebook pages.

Date of opening   2 September 2016
Time                         6:00 – 7:30 pm
Venue                      Moruya Museum
Cost                          $5 – Members  or  $10 – Non-members

ASSOCIATED EVENTS: We will be holding a presentation by Kelly Rowe. Kelly is a custumer who makes garments from all eras of fashion. Following the presentation there will be a guided tour of the exhibition, followed by one of our famous ‘heritage morning teas’,

This event will be held on Friday,  16.09.2016 at 10 am.

Tour groups are welcome. If you are interested in arranging a group tour of the exhibition please contact us by

email: OR
phone: Brian Harris on 0418 235 882



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