Quick action by the shire councillors; updates from the front and more – news from 100 years ago

Featured image: An early view of the Adelaide Hotel, Moruya.

Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of this time in 1915, provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society:

BEAUTIFYING – The Shire Councillors are to be commended for the efforts they are putting forth to beautify the banks of our river. Immediately their attention was drawn by us to the reprehensive practice of some of our citizens in depositing their back-yard rubbish on the river bank, they took steps to have the offensive matter removed and a continuance of the offence prevented. They are now having ornamental trees planted along near the stone wall between the bridge and the public wharf.   28 August 1915

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.06.41 amLICENSING COURT – At the Licensing Court on Tuesday L. P. Lynch, Criterion Hotel, was granted a booth license for the Moruya A. and P. Society’s Ploughing Match and Sports on Wednesday next. Plans and specifications for a new building for the Adelaide Hotel were approved of. The condemnation of the building at the rear was lifted provided necessary repairs and alterations be carried out.     28 August 1915

FROM THE FRONT – Serg. Rupert Chapman, who is at the front in Gallipoli, writes to his Uncle, the Hon. Austin Chapman, that so far he has been fortunate enough to escape without being wounded. He has been in the thick of the fight and states that they are well cared for, and the commissariat and everything is alright. He says that the Turks are using V1 ammunition, and their rifles are sighted point blank at 600 yards. Some of them are very good marksmen, and a number of Australians have paid the death penalty for looking over the trenches.       28 August 1915

BATEMAN’S BAY – (From our Correspondent). George Sullivan (better known as Smith), was presented at the Police Court on Tuesday before Mr George Guy, J.P., on a charge of deserting. Sergeant Keating applied for a remand pending the arrival of an escort from Sydney to take him back to the city where the military authorities will deal with the case. The remand was granted. It is only a few weeks ago since Sullivan left this district in company with other recruits, and nothing was heard of him until Saturday afternoon, when he turned up at his old position at the I.S.N. Co’s corner and began to relate his experience of military life, and, after consulting with one or two of his old acquaintances, he decided that it might be as well if he invited himself to tea at Sergeant Keating’s, and in consequence has remained a guest of the Sergeant’s ever since.

Rumour says that Lieutenant Maloney is about to leave for the front, if so the bay will lose a popular townsman. Here is Jack with a good position and a comfortable home, and is leaving a wife and a young family. Why is all this sacrifice made? For your sake, for my sake, for the sake of the British nation. Such actions as these must be admired.     28 August 1915

NERRIGUNDAH – (From our Correspondent). Australia Day at Nerrigundah was celebrated by a day’s sports on the Recreation Ground, followed by a ball at night in the School of Arts. A refreshment stall, in charge of the ladies’ committee, and a soft drink stall, in charge of Mr. R. Thelan, were well patronised.     28 August 1915

KITCHENER’S FORECAST – Lord Esher, in a letter to the “Glasgow Herald,” says that we are all actors in a great tragedy, and urges the rich to abandon all profits derived from the war. Lord Esher says he saw Kitchener the day after the outbreak of the war. Lord Kitchener said, “I am about to prepare for a three years’ war. The Germans may reach Paris, but the French armies will retreat beyond the Loire. We shall retreat with them, and two years hence Great Britain will throw in the last million men and win the war.”     28 August 1915

Lord Esher
Lord Esher

Seventeen 100 years ago booklets containing articles for the years 1899 to 1914 are available ($5 ea) from the Society’s rooms. Copies of local newspapers from the 1860s to date can be viewed at the Society’s Family History Research Centre (Ph 4474 3224) situated at the rear of the Museum in Campbell St. Moruya (www.mdhs.org.au).

A New DVD entitled Soldiers of the Eurobodalla, Stories of our Locals is also now available from the Society.

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