Why YOU need to attend our AGM this Wednesday!

agmMake sure you attend this vital meeting and have a real say in the future direction of the Moruya and District Historical Society.

Annual General Meeting date: Wednesday, 13 August
Time: 10 am
Venue: Meeting Room (at the back of the museum)
All members are urged to attend this meeting.

Nominations have been received for the following positions:

President : Michael Gold, Brian Harris – election needed
Vice President: Janene Love
Secretary: Huon Hassell
Treasurer: James Henningham
Committee members: Christine Greig-Adams, Wendy Simes (3 needed)

In light of these nominations there will be an election for the position of president and a call for nominations from the floor for the position of committee member.

All members need to be aware of two current constitutional points

1. There is no limit on tenure in any position on the management committee.
2. There is no provision for proxy voting in the current constitution.

To vote on any matter at the AGM or in the subsequent general meeting members must be both financial and physically present.


Three resolutions have also been proposed and will be discussed and voted upon.

The first is a special resolution as it deals with a constitutional point.
The other resolutions are ordinary resolutions as they deal with organisational  matters that do not have any impact on the constitution..

Special Resolution

It is proposed that the term of office bearers and committee members of Moruya and District Historical Society be limited to 3 years IN The SAME ROLE, with an option for a further two in the case of the President and the Curator SHOULD IT BE DEEMED NECESSARY by the management committee

Ordinary Resolution 1:

It is proposed to hold our general meetings every second month instead of every month. Meetings would be in February, April, June, August, October and December

Ordinary Resolution 2:

It is proposed that the all General and Annual General Meeting times of Moruya and District Historical Society be on a Saturday to allow more members who are working to attend.

The AGM will be followed by a general meeting at which the various volunteer positions in the society will be filled by election. Nominations for these positions may be made at the meeting.

Brian Harris
Secretary, MDHS

Byron SLSC

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