One Hundred Years Ago – February 7, 1914.


Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of this time in 1914, provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society:

MORUYA ANNUAL RACES, 1914 – The races which eventuated on Monday and Tuesday last can be written a big success in every respect, more especially from a financial and interesting point of view.  Both days were fine and warm with a refreshing breeze from off the river, which invariably blows across the park course to make conditions pleasing.  The course, owing to the heavy work done upon it by so many horses and ponies in training during the past few weeks, was considerably chopped up on the surface which rendered it safe and pleasant going for the gee gees, although somewhat on the slow side.  There was a record attendance as shown by the gate receipts, visitors coming from all parts of the compass, mostly by motor car…The whole of the prize money was taken out of the district, the only portion of the 200 golden sovereigns left being a paltry ten which could not be given away as it was donated for district-owned horses only….W.J. Lynch, the enterprising Narooma hotel keeper, had charge of the booth and must have had a record turnover, judging by the crowd that thronged the bars.  Mr. Lynch is no novice at the game, and the excellent attention he gave the public by his numerous and smart staff was the subject of much favourable comment.  Mr. C. Johnson had an excellent tea and refreshment stall, the fruit stall being run by Mrs. Norman, of Araluen, and Mr. George Chewying, of the People’s Store…  7/2/1914

A finish at the old Moruya Race track
A finish at the old Moruya Race Track- now the Moruya Showground.

EURBODALLA – Quite a gloom was cast over Eurobodalla last Thursday week when it became known that Joe Lavis, aged 27 years, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Lavis, of “Thistlewood,” Bodalla, was accidently killed whilst drawing logs for the sawmill.  Poor Jack, it is surmised, got mixed up in the harness somehow whilst endeavouring to stop his team which got out of his control owing to the breeching breaking on his shafter.  How the unfortunate fellow came to get under the wheel will always remain a mystery.  His mate, Mr. J. Reed, who was only a few minutes behind the unfortunate fellow, was terribly shocked to find his poor mate almost lifeless, the log that was on the deceased’s jinker is estimated to weigh about four tons.  Joe Lavis was an all-round favourite and was connected with horse-racing, and he told the writer the day he was killed that he intended to go to Moruya races, but such was not to be….7/2/1914

TAILORING – Mr. Myrt. Connell, a representative of the firm of Pritchard and Co., will be in Moruya on the 8th to the 11th inst., and may be consulted at McKeon’s Hotel.  Mr. Pritchard is well-known in Moruya, having represented the Hagons for 16 years.  Mr. Myrt Connell will have with him a complete assortment of suit materials, as well as newest and most fashionable styles of the present day to choose from.   7/2/1914

Vulcan Styreet(looking north ) with Mr McKeon's Commercial Hotel on the site of the current Monarch Hotel.
Vulcan Street (looking north ) with Mr McKeon’s Commercial Hotel on the site of the current Monarch Hotel. This is where men could order their tailor-made suits from a visiting tailor. This is a system still in use today with tailors from Hong Kong or Bangkok flying into the large cities so that businessmen can oreder quality suits at reasonable prices. Nothing much has really changed in one hundred years!

MCCAULEY’S BATHS – The opening of Mr. V.W. McCauley’s baths took place on Saturday last.  A small entrance fee was charged to the enclosure to assist in paying for the prizes, but the bulk of the visitors evidently preferred viewing the contests from off the bridge, and consequently rendered no financial assistance to the plucky promoter, although, no doubt, all would have given a small contribution had they been called upon….7/2/1914

An early advertisement for the Club House Hotel from the Moruya Examiner.
An early advertisement for the Club House Hotel from the Moruya Examiner.

CLUB HOUSE HOTEL – The above popular Hostelry since coming into the possession of the present owner has been thoroughly renovated throughout, brilliantly lighted with Acetylene Gas, and is now one of the most up-to-date Houses for Cheerfulness, Comfort and Civility on the South Coast. – Only the Best Brands of Wines, Ales and Spirits Sold – Horse Stalls, Boxes, Motor and Buggy Sheds of the Very Best. – Fred Ryan, Proprietor, Queens Street, Moruya

Club House Hotel, Queen Street Moruya c1925
Club House Hotel, Queen Street Moruya c1925

Sixteen 100 years ago booklets containing articles for the years 1899 to 1913 are available ($5 ea) from the society’s rooms.  Copies of local newspapers from the 1860s to date can be viewed at the society’s Family History Research Centre (Ph 4474 3224) situated at the rear of the Pioneer Museum in Campbell St. Moruya ( 

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  1. Mrs C Rance Avatar
    Mrs C Rance

    Hello, My name is Christelle Rance, nee Taylor. My mother was Amy Constance Taylor nee Ryan, her mother was Amy Isabella Ryan, nee Cooper and my mother’s father was Fred Ryan, formerly the proprietor of the Club House Hotel Moruya. I have been looking at the photo of the Club House Hotel, found on Google Images, which states the photo dates 1925. Which seems right judging by the clothing, the man standing on the left of the hotel post, with bare head and long open jacket and wearing a white shirt is Arthur Thomas Cooper, he went to WW1 in the light horse, he was slimmer then and younger but that was 1915… He was my grandmother’s brother. my great grandfather is Thomas Cooper standing next to his daughter Vera, known as Cis. The only other person identified in the photo is Reg Filmer, wearing no jacket and a fedora hat and standing next to Arthur Thomas Cooper,

    The reason for my contacting you is to ask 1. is Fred Ryan in this picture, 2. do you have a picture of him, and 3. do you know the names of any of the other people in the photo? The small child looks a lot like my mother, but she look only about 2 years old and if the photo is indeed 1925 then it isn’t her, she was born May 1919.
    Many thanks,

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