All Mod Cons – 1908-style!

The following article, which sounds as if it belongs in the real estate section of the paper, comes from the Moruya Examiner of 24 October, 1908. Obviously in 1908 there was a concern over maintaining views – just as there is now. Facilities were important then too. The bathroom:

with plunge and shower bath appliances

comes in for special mention.

HEADS COTTAGE: The three new cottages erected at the Moruya Heads by Mr. Henry for the use of the Pilot Master and two assistants are a credit to the builder. The three are similar in structure and afford every comfort and convenience a reasonable occupant of a country dwelling could desire.

Our representative was kindly shown over the one intended for the Pilot, by the contractor. This building contains six lofty rooms with a spacious hall, a verandah on every side, a bath-room with plunge and shower bath appliances, and a wash-house and pantry with water laid on by means of a force pump. The office originally used was allowed to remain for further use, as it was found to be in a splendid state of preservation, and with a coat of paint would look O.K. A new two-stalled stable with coach and forage rooms is erected on the nor’-east of the house which we are afraid will spoil the house view from the sea.

The workmanship reflects every credit on the contractor, Mr. Henry

Pilot Station, Moruya Heads
Pilot Station, Moruya Heads (south head)

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  1. Helen Foster Avatar
    Helen Foster

    Hi B. That is where my friend Jean Robbins lived. Fred was the harbour master and did all the weather for the bureau. James would remember them.


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