Desperate Measures in Moruya, 1904

Those were the days!

This article from the Moruya Examiner of 19 August, 1904 really demonstrates the extent and effectiveness of ‘community policing’ in the town at the time.
While this article may seem humorous to us, the loss of firewood on cold, windy August mornings would have been a serious theft in 1904 Moruya.

This just could not happen in 2013 – for many reasons!

Householders residing in Vulcan Street have determined to find out who the thief or thieves are who so daringly rob their firewood stacks of a night. To effect this they have conspired together to charge several pieces of wood with dynamite or gelignite; by which means they are hopeful of locating the thieves and reducing their wood-carters bill. The above decision is a desperate one, but then desperate diseases require desperate measures and besides, the thieves may not be blown to pieces, but their whereabouts will most certainly be located.

This method of detection was tried with great efficacy some time ago by the boys of the Gundary Dairy Factory, who were losing their wood in a wholesale manner.

One morning a terrific report was heard and over a certain kitchen chimney was seen a cloud of smoke, pots and pans flying in all directions. Needless to say the
thief was discovered and he never visited the Dairy Factory woodheap since, nor ever will.

The Gundary Cheese Factory
The Gundary Cheese Factory

What are your thoughts on this article?
On this method of ‘community policing’?

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