Trove Tuesday – Education on Trove

Education in Advertising

In yesterday’s post on this blog there were frequent references to the Brooks’s Reader series in Bob Colefax’s autobiography.

A quick search of TROVE brought to light the following advertisement of thee Brooks’s texts of the time. Although the advertisement is from 1905 and Bob Colefax didn’t start school until 1910 the books would have been exactly the same.

The advertisement featured in The Children’s Newspaper, 28 September, 1899 on page 19.

The Children's Newspaper 28 September, 1899, page 19
The Children’s Newspaper
28 September, 1899, page 19

Education in Magazines

The Australian Woman’s Weekly is now on Trove and is a wonderful resource if you are investigating the social history of particular period of time.

The following editorial featured in the April, 1948 edition ( Saturday 10 April 1948, page 18). Click on the link to the edition and the whole magazine will be available- a fascinating read!)

It was written because April, 1948 marked the centenary of public education in Australia. I  wasn’t surprised to read that smaller classes and school halls were goals in 1948. Some things just do not change.

The final paragraph is quite strong and just as relevant today.

In a world that needs enlightened and balanced citizens so urgently, the public, as well as teachers, should take an intense interest in the Canberra conference.

The Australian Women's Weekly Editorial April, 1948
The Australian Women’s Weekly Editorial
April, 1948

 To read the entire magazine (a fascinating read) click here.

To search through all complete editions of this magazine from 1933 to 1978 please click here.

Education in Newspapers – Quotes

Another search of Trove very quickly came up with the following two quotes about education.

The first is from the Cairns Post, 21 March 1931, page 11.  To see the article on Trove click here.

1931_ CairnsPost
What sculpture is to a block of marble,
education is to an human soul.
Education – a debt due from pre-
sent to future generations.

The second quote is from the Horsham Times , 29 October, page 7. To see the article click here.

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