Beautiful Tuross

We all know that the Tuross area is one of the jewels of the Eurobodalla Shire.
Here is a glimpse of Tuross as it was in 1927. It presents a wonderful glimpse into the area at the time, the people, the clothing, the sports and the natural attractions of the area.
This original 16mm film was shot around Tuross and a clip is currently on YouTube. It was made to help developer Hector McWilliam market his 1926 Tuross subdivision in Sydney and Canberra.

A poster and brochures from the time, held by the society, show Mr McWilliam wanted his money a little more quickly than today’s working-life mortgages allow.

“Terms 20 per cent deposit, balance in 10, half-yearly installments, with interest at five per cent,” the brochures said.”

But little has changed since 1927 in real estate hype.

Mr McWilliam described Tuross’s “reputation among Motorists (who deserved a capital letter) as the most entrancing spot on the Australian Coastline (which also deserved a capital).

“Tuross is being placed on the market for the first time,” he said.

“The early completion of Canberra and the establishment of the Federal Parliament there make the possibilities of Tuross apparent at a glance. Tuross is the nearest first-class tourist resort to Canberra, about five hours’ easy run by motor. Tuross has not been spoilt by the establishment of any industries or Sawmills such as disfigure some of our noted resorts. It will undoubtedly be the greatest tourist resort in New South Wales.”

The film you will see here is an edited 10 minute version made suitable for YouTube – apologies for the compression quality).

Please contact the Moruya and District Historical Society if you would like to view the longer (and clearer) version.

Copies of the DVD can be purchased from the Society.

The film was shown along side the famous film For The Term Of His Natural Life at Batemans Bay earlier this year.

Do you know any of the people ‘starring’ in this film – particularly the happy golfer from Moruya?
If you do please add any information that you have about the film to the comments section below.

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