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  • Seasons Greetings to all

    Seasons Greetings to all

    The Moruya District Historical Society extends greetings to all members, volunteers and supporters for Christmas 2019. The Society appreciates the support and interest of the local community and welcomes new members and supporters. The Museum will be open and our Genealogy office available for family history enquiries on the following dates in January. The Gene…

  • Indigenous Australian Family History Resources

    Indigenous Australian Family History Resources

    While there are many genealogy sites and resources available on the internet only a few people are aware of the depth and quality of information available at both federal, state and district level for those interested in indigenous Australian family history research. This post , taken from www.coraweb.com.au, presents many of those sites in an…

  • Back to the Future in Family History

    Back to the Future in Family History

    In the New Scientist Magazine of the 28¬†June Jennifer Ouellette discusses the mixing of science and history to reveal the ideas of the past in an article entitled Back to the Future. With the number of records now being digitised and tagged historians have been given a wide range of information previously unavailable except in…

  • Kinship terminology: How we refer to our family relationships

    Kinship terminology: How we refer to our family relationships

    And we thought our family trees are sometimes very complicated! I am never going to complain again.