‘The Quiver: An illustrated magazine for Sunday and general reading’ was published

The Quiver: An Illustrated Magazine for Sunday and General Reading was a weekly magazine published by John Cassell. It was “designed for the defence and promotion of biblical truth and the advance of religion in the homes of the people”. Another goal was that it would bring about “intellectual, moral and spiritual improvement.”

As well as weekly issued, there were monthly and half yearly issues. These half yearly volumes were printed on toned paper, with better quality printing than in the usual weekly or monthly issue and were bound in royal blue, with an elaborate gilt mandorla on the front board.

The Quiver contained large quantities of morally improving fiction and poetry, and articles on religious topics – but also some interesting general nonfiction. Over time sensational fiction and poetry was increasingly featured.

Its true claim to fame lies in its wealth of wonderful illustrations.

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The Vigil by John Pettie, 1884. (Tate Gallery)
The Heirloom by M.L. Gow
Motherhood by Ida Lovering