Norman Lindsay and The Magic Pudding


“The Magic Pudding is a pie, except when it’s something else, like a steak, or a jam donut, or an apple dumpling, or whatever its owner wants it to be. And it never runs out. No matter how many slices you cut, there’s always something left over. It’s magic.” The Magic Pudding is one of our best-loved children’s books and the central character, one of our great Australian anti-heroes. Norman Lindsay (1879-1969) wrote ‘The Magic Pudding’ in 1918 to settle an argument with a friend who claimed that children only liked to read about fairies. Lindsay insisted that they liked to read about food. As well as being the author of several novels, Lindsay was also a caricaturist, painter, sculptor and sketch artist, renowned in Australia and beyond. .

Possum and Wombat sharpening knives