Moruya Stories

Moruya’s history told through the people and businesses that shaped the community – Mylott’s Bakery, Emmott’s store, and Dr Boot.  Jean Gilmore’s snake vertebrae necklace and the pretty brooch made from fish scales show a creative approach to using available resources. And the Fiesta Theatre’s ‘cuddle seat’ give a sense of what makes Moruya special.

The exhibition includes a rare 1887 map of Moruya, which arrived unannounced on the Museum’s doorstep. The map is displayed on an artist’s easel that belonged to Mrs Arnold, an art teacher at Moruya High School in the late 1940’s. The restoration of the map for this exhibition is a story unto itself – on top of the various fixes that had been applied over the years, the wet La Nina season and COVID wreaked havoc read more about the retoration of the map

2 responses to “Moruya Stories”

  1. John I. Clarke Avatar
    John I. Clarke

    Mrs Arnold also came to St. Mary’s School to teach grades 7 to 9……I think we knew her as Mrs Witham. She was a lovely lady.

    1. mdhs Avatar

      thank you for that.

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