Trove Tuesday- The History Of Wattle Day

First posted in September, 2013

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Reposted from our blog – 3 September, 2013

The first known use of wattle as a meaningful emblem in the Australian colonies dates back to the early days of Tasmania 1838), when the wearing of silver wattle sprigs was encouraged on the occasion of an anniversary celebration of the seventeenth century European discovery of the island.

It was resolved that a National emblem be adonted to be worn by the company upon the occasion of the anniversary, to consist of a sprig of silver wattle blossom “tied with the British colour – Navy blue.”
The Courier (Hobart, Tasmania
Friday 25 November, 1842, page 2, 3

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Of course the original inhabitants of Australia had many uses for the wattle plant; the boomerang, for example, has created its own widespread meaning in the word itself and in its shape.

Near the end of the nineteenth century, naturalistic imagery of Australian flora and fauna began to appear on utilitarian objects such as furniture. This…

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